The Better Way: A Hyperconverged Analytics Platform

If your organization relies on business intelligence applications for insights needed to meet goals and manage risk, make sure those insights are:

  • Deep and multidimensional, leading to novel learnings
  • Easy to consume, share, and act on
  • Not simply descriptive or diagnostic, but predictive and prescriptive
  • Based on historic and real-time data, so they are as dynamic as the world we live in

Without these qualities, information can steer you in the wrong direction, consume your organization’s brainpower, and compromise your ability to meet goals and manage risk.

The solution? Immersive, smart, and real-time hyperconverged analytics combining data science with visual and streaming analytics. With a hyperconverged platform, you can speed time to valuable insights and, with real-time analysis, have the agility to continuously update AI models.

Get the full story on why the new TIBCO Spotfire 11 hyperconverged experience is unparalleled, and necessary for winning in today’s hypercompetitive world.

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