Be proactive: Data governance and data management go hand in hand

To address regulatory compliance, operational improvement, reporting quality, and customer experience, data governance has become a priority for many organizations.

But problems arise in organizations when data governance is treated as a standalone documentation-oriented initiative. Teams end up implementing their own unique business processes using their own tools, creating an institutionalized fiefdom with siloed data governance that can’t be depended on for day-to-day data management operations. With standalone implementations, it’s easy to understand why a business team might perceive data governance as just another set of rules and processes that get in the way.

Among our customers, we have observed that integrating data management with a data governance program that incorporates documentation of definitions, ownership, policies, and procedures solves the problem.

In this whitepaper, we show you how creating a vertical data lineage that connects a conceptual business glossary to master and reference data, as well as other key competencies, is the best way to ensure success of your regulatory compliance, operational improvement, reporting quality, and customer experience initiatives.

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