Accelerated Commerce: Key API Strategies For Digital Retail

How to Conquer the Diversity of Devices

Cyber-Monday alone set a record 22% increase in year over year sales and the reports pouring in from 2011 holiday spending include all kinds of record breaking figures. Times have never been better for eCommerce professionals.

The future of digital is even rosier. With smartphones in the pockets of 48% of Americans (and over 50% in the U.K.) digital in-store kiosks proliferating, and an 80% increase in electronic payments opportunities to drive more and more digital commerce is coming the way of savvy retailers. With devices including mobile phones, tablets, in-store kiosks, internet-enabled POS stations, connected gaming consoles, TVs, and even refrigerators, consumers are everywhere. Never before have there been so many ways to connect to purchase ready buyers.

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