3 Ways to Faster ROI with Low-code Development Platforms

If your organization is typical, over the past few years, you’ve accumulated more processes, systems, and apps. And now, with digital methods changing business models and creating new revenue opportunities, there’s much greater demand for:

  • Developing, changing, and updating apps faster
  • Delivering apps that best fit business needs and processes
  • Integrating and extending existing systems

With everything else going on, you can’t develop your way out of this. You need to get savvy, problem-solving business users involved, and low-code development is the way to do it.

Get this paper to learn about low-code platforms and TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, a low-code platform that uses five questions to translate requirements into apps and provides faster delivery of connected digital products with TIBCO integration and governance capabilities. The paper also includes links to Live Apps demos.

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