Your API - A Big Enough Box of Crayons?

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Peter Coffee, VP and Head of Platform Research at, discusses how the proliferation of data and connected devices has fundamentally changed the way people should design and interact with platform tools. Coffee challenges companies to identify the underlying reason developers want their API and focus on serving that need in order to enable qualitatively different and useful creations. He further highlights the notion that context is continuously changing and emphasizes the importance of designing APIs that are flexible enough to answer questions that have yet to be asked.

Key Points

  • Why APIs are critically important to being an attractive social partner to a company's ecosystem
  • How APIs that center around verbs rather than nouns restlessly focuses the company's attention on maximizing the user experience and enables greater flexibility
  • Find out how platform leadership is attained when an API becomes the language of an ecosystem
  • Understand the importance of the shift in orientation from data querying to data discovery

"It's vital to look at the leverage that an API can represent for you when it allows you to start managing things as a whole, managing things as a system, instead of just managing a large number of them as individual independent devices." - Peter Coffee, VP and Head of Platform Research