Ahmer Srivastava at Western Digital Wins 2021 TIBCO Legend Lighthouse Award

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As a leading global manufacturer of data storage products, Western Digital is driving the innovation needed to help customers capture, preserve, access, and transform an ever-increasing diversity of data, but manufacturing semiconductors is a complex, exacting process. As winner of the TIBCO Legend Lighthouse Award, Ahmer Srivastava, director of Memory Product Solutions for Analytics and Software Applications at Western Digital, sought to modernize this process. With TIBCO, Ahmer and a global team of key internal stakeholders built a powerful AI/ML data analytics platform to optimize and gain insights into its manufacturing processes and help scale rapid prototyping and development cycles. Creating an interactive diagnostic platform helps the company improve product yields and test CapEx efficiency. Across its factories, TIBCO analytics and customized dashboards now integrate test and measurement data to create a digital twin of operations. Additionally, real-time equipment monitoring allows Western Digital to proactively address potential problems, which lowers costs by increasing uptime and reducing factory floor inspections. As a business leader at Western Digital, and in partnership with TIBCO and his teammates, Ahmer Srivastava continues to drive data science, visual analytics, and smart factory innovation in his industry and among his peers.