Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti (HULA) Wins 2021 TIBCO Social Impact Lighthouse Award

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Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti (HULA), winner of the Social Impact Lighthouse Award, is a 950-bed regional hospital located in Galicia, Spain. More than 800,000 patient consultations a year, massive volumes of patient data, and disparate data sources made it difficult to access information. With TIBCO LABS™, HULA used a process mining solution that integrated multiple system logs to identify patterns in the patient journey. Doctors and management analyzed this information to understand why disease diagnosis took one year in some cases and less than three weeks in others. Now, with insight into diagnostic protocols, early detection methods, and process mining, doctors are reducing costs and saving patient lives with faster times to diagnosis and earlier interventions. For several cancers, receiving a diagnosis three months faster is predicted to result in a more than 10% increase in long-term survival.