GM Financial Wins 2021 TIBCO Limitless Innovation Lighthouse Award

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GM Financial, winner of the Limitless Innovation Lighthouse Award, is the wholly owned captive finance subsidiary of General Motors and a global provider of auto finance solutions. A longtime TIBCO Connect customer, GM Financial sought better access to its data to make faster, smarter decisions based on improved product and service performance knowledge. To master these new challenges, it deployed TIBCO Unify technology for prototyping, operational analytics, and rapid access to new data. This reduced initial requirements and design time for partners by an estimated 40% to 60%, virtually eliminating the need for rework and change requests in the development cycle. With TIBCO as its standard operational analytics platform, rules governing access, privacy, and other cybersecurity requirements became simplified, governable, standardized, and auditable. GM Financial uses the solution to streamline and centralize access to the growing number of source data systems required by increasing analytic use cases. Notably, acquiring new data sources and exposing these for analysis has been reduced from weeks and months down to hours or days.