Customer Video: Argos

From Retailer to Digital Retail Leader: APIs Drive Opportunity Explosion

As part of Home Retail Group and one of the United Kingdom's largest retailers, Argos serves millions of customers through hundreds of stores across the UK with sales worth £3.9 billion in 2012. Recently, Argos took bold, transformative measures to respond to market disruption from competitors selling online in addition to the move by grocers into non-food product ranges. By leveraging Mashery API Management, Argos can set alerts for transaction problems and ensure optimum API performance for its apps across all mobile devices. The seamless integration with Argos' enterprise systems instills the Argos API platform with a powerful competitive edge in that Argos' apps will become more intelligent and more responsive to individual customers. Home Retail Group has already developed four apps that have been downloaded millions of times, and other mobile apps are on the way.

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