TIBCO United Kingdom Subsidiaries’ Tax Strategy Statement

In compliance with Section 19(2) of Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016 of the United Kingdom (“UK”), the UK Subs (as defined below) publish their UK tax strategy for the financial year ending 30 November 2017. This strategy applies to the UK subsidiaries (“UK Subs”) of TIBCO Software Inc. (“TSI”; TSI together with all of its subsidiaries, the “TIBCO Group”), which consists of the following companies:

  • TIBCO Software Holdings Limited 
  • TIBCO Software Limited (“TS UK”) 
  • TIBCO BPM Holdings Limited (“TBPMH UK”) 
  • Nimbus Partners Limited (“Nimbus Partners”)

The strategy has been approved by the Board of Directors of TIBCO Software Holdings Limited, for itself and as the direct or indirect parent company for TS UK and TBPMH UK, and by the Board of Directors of Nimbus Partners for itself, and will be reviewed by the global tax team annually. Any amendments will need to be approved by the Board of Directors of each of TIBCO Software Holdings Limited and Nimbus Partners.

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