Environmental, Social & Governance at TIBCO

At TIBCO, we believe that leading in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is essential to our core values and our ability to grow our business while driving innovation and community.  This commitment to ESG is critical to achieving sustainability and equality at a corporate, cultural and policy level, and to fulfilling our responsibility to all our stakeholders.

In support of this commitment, we have a robust ESG framework across many disciplines.  This includes (i) taking steps to ensure that our actions have a positive effect on the environment and future sustainability while driving cost efficiencies, (ii) our investment in a diverse team member and supplier pool,  and (iii) promoting honesty, integrity, fairness and respect in all of our business practices.   

Our ESG efforts are governed by our ESG Leadership Council.  This committee includes members of our Board of Directors, our CEO, members of our executive leadership team, and managers across multiple functions.  

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