QSuper Case Study

QSuper Retools for a More Competitive Market with TIBCO

Improves flexibility, efficiency, visibility, cost, and customer retention

As QSuper transitions to providing superannuation (retirement fund) management for a broader range of customers, the demands of a more competitive market suggested the need for change. “We wanted to improve operational efficiencies, primarily by streamlining our back-office functions and reducing cost,” says Scott Edie, manager of application, technology, and security architecture. “The overarching business goal is to become close with our customers.”

As Mr. Edie explains, QSuper’s challenges include application silos created by various business functions running separate operations and point-to-point interfaces that made for a brittle integration infrastructure and disjointed communications. “Every time we want to change something, it becomes very difficult. The architecture brings a lot of complexity, and we risk either not delivering solutions for the business or delaying their delivery,” he says.

“There are really two costs related to disjointed communication channels. The first is that it affects customer experience, which leads to loss of customers. And the second is inefficiencies in communications, which means we might end up sending multiple communications when there’s only a need to send one. At the end of the day, that just adds cost.”

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