OAG Analytics Combines Domain Expert Algorithms and Machine Learning for Optimum Well Spacing

With a focus on accelerating collaboration between domain experts and data scientists in upstream oil and gas, OAG Analytics set about using machine learning with reservoir physics to solve the problem of modeling depletion and interference in unconventional reservoirs. Through the combination of data visualization software and a cloud ML solution, it successfully improved predictability of tightly spaced wells, creating a huge value-add for oil and gas companies. In addition, the company made building datasets over 12 times faster, automated well spacing analysis, and increased production by over 7.5 percent without increasing costs. The company also closed the analytics-to-results feedback loop, creating universal access to analytics and subsequent production and economics. Its solution only takes eight weeks to deploy and is being used across over almost 3,000 basins globally, including every major U.S. unconventional basin.

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