Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport: Setting Up for Success by Expecting the Unexpected

There's No "I" in Team

Like in all other areas of F1, collaboration is key to success. The team is limited in the number of personnel that can operate at the track, which means they need to collaborate between the track and the factory. Collaboration also takes place within various sub-teams, each person a specialist in their respective area. Everyone's expertise is extracted at just the right time for maximum impact on car performance.

Teamwork starts with the simulator group and a proposed setup. After setup is run, it is evaluated with input from engineers and test drivers. The performance of the car configuration is gauged, and improvements identified. All of the work prior to a race weekend acts as a rehearsal for the actual event, with all the pieces in place to maximize performance on the track. Several groups are involved, including the wind tunnel team that provides aerodynamic data as inputs to the simulations.

In this part of our "expecting the unexpected" series, learn how the team's undeniable teamwork and cross-collaboration lead the team to success.

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