Air France-KLM Development Performance Soars with API Management Innovation

API rollout and security caused a lot of turbulence for Air France-KLM Group. This leading airliner wanted to reduce its API production time, manage security processes, and simplify developer language for easier training and rollout—so it turned to TIBCO solutions. 

Before the COVID pandemic, Air France-KLM’s goal was to become the world’s most customer-centric airline; it was investing heavily in passenger service innovation. But after the onset of the pandemic, the company’s priority shifted to digitizing commercial cargo and freight operations. It also needed to increase business agility to adapt to rapidly and continuously changing travel restrictions.

To accomplish these goals, the company worked with TIBCO to create an innovative solution to speed API delivery, using TIBCO Cloud™ API Management software.

This case study showcases the benefits of centralized API management for developers and organizations. Learn more about how TIBCO helped the airline reach these goals and reduce costs—and how you can do the same. 

With TIBCO, takeoff has never been so smooth.

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