Solution Brief: Continued Process Verification with Statistica and PI System

Meeting and maintaining product quality is difficult, complex, and costly. However, not meeting and maintaining product quality is dangerous, even more costly, and potentially deadly. Production processes are inherently complex—with ingredients, containers, machinery, materials, and people being just a few of the variables that constantly change—making it difficult to maintain established quality specifications. Moreover, each of these variables is described by data in different formats and locations. What's needed is a secure, regulatory-compliant system that:

  • Organizes the chaos
  • Collects and analyzes the data
  • Sends warnings using real-time alarms and alerts
  • Automates standard and ad-hoc reporting

This paper describes the challenges associated with a Continued Process Verification (CPV) program and the TIBCO Statistica™/OSIsoft PI System solution for CPV.

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