Ping & TIBCO: An Integrated API Security Solution for Today’s Advanced Threats

Your business is very likely taking advantage of APIs to streamline partnerships and stimulate growth—but APIs are also exposing a growing number of security vulnerabilities. This lack of security can lead to costly breaches and disruptions that negatively impact your reputation and bottom line.

To protect your organization, you need to extend security practices to focus on attacks specific to APIs, such as API gateways and API authentication. Defending against these threats requires an API security strategy with standards-based access control, deep visibility into API traffic, and threat detection.

In this solution brief, we outline how Ping Identity’s API security solution, Ping Intelligent Identity Platform, when combined with TIBCO Cloud™ MasheryⓇ software, provides a complete solution for designing, developing, and securing your organization’s APIs across on-premises, private or public clouds, and hybrid IT environments.

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