How to Accelerate Merger and Acquisition Synergies

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) occur frequently in today's business environment; $3 trillion in 2017 alone. M&A enables companies to expand their businesses, reduce costs, and derive numerous other operational synergies. Achieving these benefits requires successful integration of the two IT environments.

Merging multiple IT environments is an extensive exercise. Key areas that must be addressed include:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics – To gain a unified view of business performance across the combined businesses.
  • Master Data Management – To open the door to cross selling while also cutting sales and marketing costs.
  • Business Process Automation – To align and optimize overlapping applications.
  • Desktop IT – To ensure productivity in the combined work forces.
  • IT Operations – To achieve reliability, availability, and scalability service level agreements, and cost savings.

This whitepaper explains how data virtualization can help address several of the key BI and analytics, master data, and application integration challenges that arise when you merge two companies.

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