Improving the Customer Experience by delivering real-time contextual offers

How can businesses deliver personalized, real-time contextual offers to customers? By using TIBCO Connected Intelligence. Learn how to do the same in our new series.

You'll learn how to:

  • Enable any customer service representative with insights and contextual offers so they can deliver them in real-time to a customer via any channel
  • Push real-time offers to customers shopping online and who are on the fence about purchasing
  • Improve marketing results using analytic dashboards and predictive models

The TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform is the best-suited platform to support your digital transformation at speed and in a collaborative manner. Its low code and no code capabilities empower a wide range of users from business users to developers to move faster and turn ideas into fully functional apps in days or even hours.

Start here to learn how TIBCO can help your business deliver real-time, contextual offers to your customers. Also, see how data science is being used in innovative ways across industries.


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