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Smart App to Track Help-Desk Requests, Coordinate Actions, and Follow Up on Cases through Resolution

While technological advancements have improved process automation, gaps remain. In order to fill these gaps, companies often resort to spreadsheets, emails, and calendar reminders, but these stifle collaboration, visibility, and speed. Information can be lost, and time and money wasted. On top of this, IT is busy with an extensive backlog so, waiting for them to update existing systems or create a new app just isn't reasonable in a fast-paced work environment.

Instead, businesses need a user-friendly product for business users, or citizen developers. TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps is that product. It's a low-code application development platform that extends and unifies existing systems but doesn't demand extensive IT skills. Citizen developers can create smart applications with just a few clicks on the web and deploy in minutes. The simplicity of it all makes it easier to quickly remedy business problems, without the worry of wasting precious time, so that digital transformation is possible.

Incident management - Helpdesk App

Watch as Live Apps is used to create an application to answer business needs for incident management.

Use Case Overview:

Efficiently managing a help-desk requires greater visibility and connectivity so that time isn't spent weeding through emails, attempting to import and export data, or even simply tracking down the most up-to-date information. With more visibility and less risk of losing or confusing information, there is faster issue resolution and easier collaboration. All of this helps businesses achieve operational excellence.

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