Accelerating Innovation with API-Led Integration

Accelerating Innovation with API-Led Integration - edited

Top innovators are adopting API-led Integration to support a variety of use cases—and to empower all users to share information, connect to a wide range of endpoints, and leverage a diverse set of integration patterns. They enable deploying applications on-premises, in the cloud, and out to IoT devices—and those are capabilities needed to fuel innovation today.

But is your company ready? Now is the time to examine your application landscape and ask yourself:

  • Are your development teams able to deploy new products as quickly as you need them to?
  • Are you able to leverage the intellectual property of your workforce in developing new offerings?
  • Will your existing systems and services support this new provider model?

If not, you need to decide which pieces of your current systems can at least be useful and included in your new architecture. Then, you need to select tools that will support an API-led cloud native approach to application development.

Watch to learn more about hybrid integration platforms, how they're being used to jumpstart digital transformation, and how TIBCO can help you jumpstart yours.

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