3-Minute Overview of TIBCO Cloud Integration

Software-as-a-Service has revolutionized business, making it more creative, efficient, collaborative, and competitive. However, with so many people using different software services, what you wind up with are islands of data or data silos, where your employees can't get a complete view of customers. In this type of scenario, there's no consistent understanding of customer preferences, behaviors, and needs.

Many companies are turning to cloud solutions for the answer. And particularly, they are turning to cloud integration solutions that favor APIs as an easy, efficient way to integrate your enterprise applications.

Application integration and APIs are critical enablers to bridging data silos and making sure your employees get a complete view of customers.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration delivers both. With our cloud integration platform, developers can both create, test and deploy APIs as well as easily and quickly integrate all of your applications.

In this video you will learn:

  • The importance of an integrated enterprise
  • How to break down data silos
  • How TIBCO can help

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