TIBCO - CXO Survey


Dive Into the CXO Innovation Survey

Where do you stand relative to your competitors on the spectrum of innovation strategy? Recently, TIBCO published the results of the first CXO Innovation Survey, examining the leading trends in innovation strategy within the enterprise from over 600 C-level respondents worldwide. The research provides a deep dive into how and why companies are innovating, as well as the tactics and technologies needed to drive initiatives. It also examines the role of digital transformation in innovation across industries, which teams within an organization are driving innovation the most aggressively, and the obstacles they are facing. In this episode of the TIBCO Tech Talks Podcast, TIBCO Senior Director Shawn Rogers provides a synopsis of the survey results and what they could mean for your business.

Download the CXO Innovation Survey Executive Summary at the Apex of Innovation, a resource for C-level executives interested in business innovation, data sovereignty, the business of data, and data-driven experiences: https://www.apexofinnovation.com/2018-tibco-cxo-innovation-survey/

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