Dr. Spotfire, Featuring Gilead Sciences


The doctors will see you now! In this episode of the TIBCO Tech Talks podcast our current "Dr. Spotfire" Neil Kanungo interviews Vishakha Mujoo from Gilead Sciences, a former TIBCO analytics expert who founded the "Dr. Spotfire" program several years ago. Vishakha discusses Spotfire use at Gilead, both on her drug safety team where they use Spotfire for pharmacovigilance, but also how Gilead uses Spotfire across multiple groups and use cases within the company. Vishkaha and Neil also share how to manage Spotfire in your organization, as well as several tips for getting started with Spotfire.

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And to learn more about Gilead's use of Spotfire, check out their case study at https://www.tibco.com/customers/gilead