WebFOCUS® User Group and TIBCO® present: Webinar WebFOCUS® 9.0

WebFOCUS User Group und TIBCO präsentieren - Webinar WebFOCUS 9.0 (auf Deutsch)

In this webinar we will cover:

TIBCO WebFOCUS® Containerized Edition, for modern, containerized cloud-native deployment.

TIBCO WebFOCUS Hub, the new centralized, personalized entry point to TIBCO WebFOCUS.

TIBCO WebFOCUS Designer that provides comprehensive extensions for content creation and self-service analytics.

DSML Components, providing data science and machine learning to simplify reporting processes.

TIBCO WebFOCUS and TIBCO® Data Virtualization software, for easier, faster access to more data.

TIBCO WebFOCUS and TIBCO Spotfire® software, providing options for analysts and data scientists.

The WebFOCUS User Group and its advantages.