Unlock the Power of Any Data with Reference Data

A Reference Data Mini-series

In this seven-part mini-series—part of the larger Unlock the Power of Any Data webinar series—we focus on how organizations can support any business need and address reference data management challenges.

Reference data is a sometimes overlooked, but key data asset. Often unloved (or unnoticed) because of its pervasiveness, reference data quality, inconsistency, and inaccuracy problems can have an outsized impact on business processes, reporting, and governance.

This series includes the following videos:

  1. An introduction to TIBCO EBX™ Reference Data Management (RDM), and Data Governance (DG)
  2. How to categorize reference data based on line of business and provide an enterprise-wide data repository to manage data ownership, stewardship, roles, and responsibilities
  3. How to assign data ownership or stewardship based on the data category
  4. How to maintain data hierarchy across all data (reference) domains with built-in referential integrity
  5. How to provide data governance workflow capability to facilitate various levels of reviews and approvals i.e., manage data lifecycle and change
  6. How to support open APIs for easy integration with vendor product repository and other internal systems
  7. How to provide an ability to maintain an audit trail of all the actions to comply with regulations


Presented by:
Stephen Archut, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Conrad Chuang, Senior Director Product Marketing


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