Trust your Masterdata!

Vertrauen Sie Ihren Stammdaten!

How successfully a company positions its products and services in the market, and how smoothly it connects with customers, service providers, and suppliers, depends on the quality of its master data.

If products are inadequately classified, customers cannot find them online. For orders from abroad, customs and export regulations must also be taken into account to ensure that the goods actually reach the customer on time.

Master data changes, particularly with adjustments in corporate structure, as a result of restructuring, growth, takeovers, or mergers & acquisitions.

In this event, we will show you the added value that machine learning provides for automated merging of master data.


  • Introduction: "Trust your master data" – Dr. Michael Daum / Ulrich Hatzinger
  • Keynote Highlight: "Innovations with Artificial Intelligence & What will the future bring?" – Prof. Dr. habil. Jana Koehler
  • Presentation: "Data quality of article master data, the way to partially automated categorization and central provision" – Dr. Matthias Faerber
  • Presentation: "Introduction and Key Features of TIBCO EBX" – Timo Christoffer