Transforming Insurance with Data and Analytics

The Strategic Currency of the Future

Transforming Insurance with Data and Analytics

Will you become another statistic in the ever-growing impact of insurtechs, or will you take the opportunity offered by the robust data store available to your organization to gain deeper insights?

Successful carriers must have data and analytics at their core. However, to deliver more personalized customer experiences and products, the vast volumes of data the insurance industry has today can only confer a competitive advantage if you learn to harness and combine it with data on customer preferences and context.

In this webinar, you will explore cutting-edge insights that will help you navigate turbulence and achieve sustainable growth. You will identify trends impacting your competitiveness and learn:

  • What insurtechs are doing to attract and succeed with customers
  • How a data and analytics strategy can address the competitive pressures of new entrants
  • How to use data and analytics to create a differentiating experience for the next generation of customers and curtail exposures created by the new way of delivering services


  • Jon Deutsch, Managing Director, Financial Services Solutions
  • Martyn Bedford, Principal Solutions Engineer
  • Dan Twomey, Senior Product Manager