TIBCO LABS Quarterly Webinar - Analytics meets No Code

August 2021

TIBCO LABS Quarterly Update - Analytics Meets No Code

The success of today’s digital transformation strategies must include business optimization. How do critical processes perform? What are the most frequently used process paths? Which are the most efficient? Are resources optimized? Where are the bottlenecks? What sort of fraud and compliance violations are occurring?

Process mining is a data-driven approach that answers these questions objectively, delivering powerful, actionable insights to process stakeholders via rich visual analytics.

Combined with a no-code method, insights into processes are turned into automated actions used to resolve underlying issues and improve inefficiency. Building (configuring) application logic is simple, turning everyone into a developer.

Join Nicolas Marzin, head of TIBCO’s Office of the CTO EMEA, to learn how Project Discover helps business users discover, document, and improve operational processes by combining analytics and no-code for a #better-together experience.