TIBCO Analytics Meetup: Natural Language Processing

TIBCO Analytics Meetup - Natural Language Processing

Every quarter, our analytics experts present a 30-minute update to our virtual user community. This quarter, we dive into natural language processing (NLP) and with a live demo of NLP results visualized using the latest TIBCO SpotfireⓇ Mods. Join the live discussion with Chief Analytics Officer Michael O’Connell and the TIBCO Data Science team.


  • TIBCO Data Science update by Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer 
  • Live demo of the NLP Toolkit for TIBCO Spotfire by Sweta Kotha, Senior Data Scientist
  • TIBCO Community update by Heleen Snelting, Director Data Science
  • Discussion and Q&A

You’ll learn about:

  • Using a combination of exploratory NLP methods and algorithms and the latest TIBCO Spotfire Mods to analyze any textual data.
  • Preprocessing steps such as removing stop words, removing special characters, and performing text normalization like stemming or lemmatization.
  • Text vectorization methods including frequency and N-grams to retrieve top phrases and keywords.
  • Popular functions for tasks including named-entity recognition, part-of-speech tagging, and sentiment analysis.
  • TIBCO Community resources including the NLP Toolkit for Spotfire (Python data functions)