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TIBCO Analytics MeetUp

Every quarter, our analytics experts present a 30 minute update to our virtual user community. This quarter we will dive into the use of TIBCO Spotfire® analytics with Python, R, and TIBCO® Data Science software. Join the live discussion with Chief Analytics Officer Michael O’Connell and the TIBCO Data Science team.


  • TIBCO Data Science update by Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer 
  • Live demo of Spotfire® fully managed Python integration for applications such as customer segmentation, predictive modeling, and sentiment analysis of support calls by Colin Gray and Vaibhav Gedigeri, data scientists 
  • Discussion and Q&A
  • TIBCO Community update by Heleen Snelting, director of data science

You’ll learn:

  • How Python has become the lingua franca of data scientists with its extensive data management and machine learning packages; its structured language suited to developers; and its adoption as a standard interface for SDKs and APIs to call services in cloud developer environments.
  • About Spotfire inbuilt Python engine and Spotfire Data Functions for authors to embed Python scripts directly in Spotfire apps; and how Spotfire "nodes and services" architecture enables simple administration across enterprise/web deployments, including package management, and security and governance for user groups.
  • How you can include statistical analysis, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) directly within your Spotfire dashboards out of the box; and easily share analyses and apps with business users in web browser environments. 
  • About recent TIBCO innovation projects and community activities.

-The TIBCO Team

May 2021 TAM FINAL
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