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The Changing Face of Retail: 4 Ways to Real-time Data

Solve your greatest challenges with hyper-personalized customer experience

Customer data presents retailers with a huge opportunity. The volume of customer data available for real-time capture and use has increased exponentially — giving retailers an opportunity to get closer to their customers by understanding preferences and habits. And with some retailers blazing a trail, many organizations are under increasing pressure to change and adapt their models to keep up.

But the path to collecting and actioning consumer data isn’t always clear.

In this on-demand webinar, Benjamin Dallinger and Mark Mullen will be breaking down four ways to start actioning customer data with advanced analytics and AI/machine learning solutions — so you can deliver hyper-personalized experiences for your customers:

  1. Imagine the art of the possible
  2. Build a good data foundation
  3. Enable dynamic single views
  4. Automate decision-making
The Changing Face of Retail: 4 Ways to Real-time Data
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