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TDWI Webinar: Components of a modern data management architecture

Digitization requires the reliable delivery of trusted data to drive compelling customer experiences, optimized business processes and new products. This is a major challenge due to ever faster data requirements and increasingly distributed data silos.

In this webinar, you will learn how TIBCO views the various challenges of a modern data management architecture and which building blocks can help you optimize your data value chain:

  • Create a "virtual hub" for consistent, secure, and managed data sets from all your distributed data sources
  • Share and manage all key data assets, including master, reference and metadata
  • Acceleration of your analysis tasks with a high-performance in-memory database solution
  • Gain new insights through the correct use of a graph database

What are your advantages?

  • Consistent, IT-curated data that conforms to your enterprise data model and your company's standards
  • Elimination of data bottlenecks, consistency and reuse regardless of the data source
  • Effective collaboration at every stage of the data value chain
  • Integration of data practically five to ten times faster and with much lower costs for data technology
  • Less time spent searching for and preparing data, more time for its analysis
  • Support your most demanding analytics workloads with increased speed and processing power

We help you to move step by step through the construction of a modern data management architecture into a more competitive position and stay there.




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