Gilead Sciences Inc: Increasing Operational Efficiency of Spotfire Deployments

This session will provide a live demo of how TIBCO Spotfire® operational efficiency is optimized through Spotfire® library metadata analysis. This analysis is effective for enterprise reporting on Spotfire information link usage across dashboards and for tracking details on schedule updates. It can also help improve the environment’s scalability and provide a great and adaptable monitoring tool. The dashboards are intended to enhance data governance of company standards, policies, and procedures. Join us to see how Gilead Life Sciences built Spotfire analyses for large-scale reporting of information link usage across hundreds of dashboards and supplied effective monitoring of schedule updates.

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Success with TIBCO:


In electricity consumption via analytic-driven asset utilization


Thousands of data points per car, per second understood with TIBCO Spotfire


Crewmembers who access and use Spotfire dashboards

18–24 HOURS

To spot patterns in new data

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