Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 to Generate New Insights and Operational Intelligence

Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing

Presented by: Nicola Sandoli, Analytics Sales Manager, TIBCO Software

Producers are increasingly relying on advanced analytics tools to understand data, anticipate and take proactive measures to avoid costly downtime and improve operational efficiency. Collecting data from sensors and mashups in real time using Machine Learning techniques allows you to identify hidden information in potential equipment errors and find operational discrepancies before they can occur.

In this live italian webinar Nicola Sandoli, Analytics Sales Manager at TIBCO Software, will demonstrate how Analytics and Machine Learning can be useful in discovering the causes of complex manufacturing problems and providing accurate predictions about when and how to improve supply chain efficiency and efficiency. We will also see how Streaming Analytic offers real-time visibility across the entire company, enabling you to anticipate demand, reduce supply chain risks, and optimize production activities.

Based on some cases of use, the following topics will also be addressed::

  • Introducing the TIBCO Event & Analytics platform
  • Machine learning and its recent evolution in advanced analytics
  • Streaming data by rules / templates

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