Siemens Mobility Trains Run Better On Data and Analytics

Siemens Mobility Trains Run Better On Data and Analytics

Heavy machinery and high voltages, meet sensors, smart devices, and IoT. See how Siemens Mobility, the world’s most diversified and vertically integrated mobility company, used data and analytics to lower costs and improve service.

Plus, discover the surprising use case that helped the company avoid unnecessary repairs, keep the trains running on time, and deliver “immense productivity gains.”

Big Infrastructure, Big Savings, Better Decisions

The job of monitoring and measuring real-time performance of train components is immense. There can be as many as 2,000 components per train. But the payoff is huge. Knowing the best times for preventative maintenance reduces costs and keeps trains in service. Real-time analytics for both IoT and legacy data was needed. Working with TIBCO, this transformative effort included:

  • Collecting every piece of data possible, mostly via sensors at the edge
  • Automating corrective action and decision-making.
  • Predicting failures, including using detection of tell-tale bearing vibration patterns
  • Delivering fast, accurate insights to customers through the company’s cloud-based Railigent application suite

Optimized operations and maintenance. Happier customers, too. There’s also lessons here on the right mix of product sales and services.