Reinventing Utilities with Data & Analytics

Reinventing Utilities with Data & Analytics

Join TIBCO and Gold Partner Behaim ITS as we discuss why alternative energy holds significant value, particularly for trialing renewable resources and using digital channels to empower consumers to manage their energy consumption.

We will also explore the shift by small distributed power producers to large grids, and the use of hybrid SaaS and public cloud environments, integrated customer services, grid optimization, and emergency response.

We hope to help your utility organization become more efficient and get to critical answers sooner with real-time analytics!

TIBCO's Connected Intelligence platform connects any application or data source; unifies data for greater access, trust, and control; and predicts outcomes in real time and at scale.

Connected Intelligence Platform

Behaim ITS is a 3x TIBCO Partner Excellence Award Winner that specializes in a step-by-step approach to guide and validate clients' journeys to a cloud or to a hybrid best-practices architecture. The approaches uses TIBCO's Connect portfolio including cloud/container integration, microservices, Kafka streaming, API management, event processing, data governance, and visualization.