Project Journey Virtual Meetup:

#1 in the 3-part series on Project Journey by TIBCO LABS™

In today’s modern world, companies don’t just need to manage larger volumes of information — they need to generate insight. In this, the relationships between data points are as important as the individual data points themselves. These relationships help us find event or interaction patterns that can improve management of the customer experience, crime investigation, and even healthcare. 

This meetup will also cover Data Innovation and how to share insights of distributed or silo’d data without compromising data privacy and confidentiality. We will discuss two technologies, Federated Learning and Synthetic Data Generation. 

Federated Learning is a machine learning technique that trains an algorithm on multiple decentralized edge devices or servers that hold local data samples without exchanging them. Synthetic Data Generation is a technology that generates sample data from real data through statistical or machine learning models while maintaining data utility and privacy.

Join this first session to learn more about what Data Centric Innovation means, new requirements of data innovation, and how graph technology and Federated Learning help address these challenges.

Project Journey Virtual Meetup Data Centric Innovation
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