Predicting the Future of Financial Services with Data

Fika with Finastra_ Can you predict the future with data_

What do F1 racing and the financial services industry have in common? In both cases, the speed at which decisions are made often distinguishes winners from the rest of the pack.

TIBCO is at the cutting edge of data analytics, providing the Mercedes F1 racing team and many financial services firms, with sophisticated, clear, relevant and visualized data at, quite literally, record-breaking speeds.

In this roundtable, learn from experts discussing lessons that Finance can learn from high performance data analytics.

Featured Experts:

  • Richard Price, Head of FSI UK & Ireland, TIBCO Software
  • Tim Tyler, Financial Technologist and Future Thinker, Finastra
  • Christopher Papathanassi, Global Solution Lead, Lending, Finastra