On Demand: Data Science Lab - Compete and Win with Data Science, Webinar 2

Compete and Win with Data Science - Webinar 2

Speakers: Heleen Snelting, Data Science Manager; Ana Costa e Silva, Sr Data Scientist; and Ritika Sehgal, Sr Analytics Specialist

Join this session if you are a data scientist and love to find innovative ways to solve problems with advanced analytics. This session will cover:

  • Demonstrations of how to create innovative models with the latest analytical techniques, from descriptive, predictive to prescriptive, using a combination of classic statistical models or supervised/unsupervised AI Machine Learning algorithms.
  • How to select and apply algorithms for your models using both workflow visual programming tools or menu driven application with open source modelling packages embedded.
  • Methods to collaborate and communicate with the business users and citizen data scientists to understand complex issues and translate to analytic approaches using strong visual analytics with great transparency.
  • Creating persuasive and compelling stories that the business can understand, trust, and act upon.
  • Takeaway tips & tricks on how to try this at home using our reusable templates and other community assets.