On-Demand: Compete and Win with Data Science and AI

Compete and Win with Data Science and AI

Presenters: Heleen Snelting, Data Science Manager, Ritika Sehgal, Senior Analytics Specialist, and Ana Costa e Silva, Sr Data Scientist

In this opening session we looked at data science concepts, best practice and a live, hands-on demonstration of how to quickly build, publish, and visualize an AI model. As data becomes a commodity, learn how to get quick returns on your investments and embrace the algorithm economy.

For organizations who want to focus on innovation, from data scientists to business leaders, solving your most complex problems means unlocking your most important asset—your data.

TIBCO Analytics allows organizations to accelerate innovation and democratize data science across your entire business, by delivering hidden insights that your business can trust, understand, repeat and act upon—you too can compete and win in today's algorithm economy.