Microservices and Your Business Journey

TIBCO Hybrid Integration and Microservices Webinar

Every business needs to adapt and respond fast to evolving customer needs, competition, and market conditions. A microservices architecture’s central premise is that it can meet business needs by allowing just the right amount of change to bring the best outcomes—not create another monster.

From message-oriented middleware to EAI, and SOA to now microservices, TIBCO has understood the digital business journey and innovated through each step, not with a “throw out the old and bring in the new” disruptive approach, but by bridging legacy and modern.

Attend this webinar for:

  • An introduction to microservices
  • The TIBCO spectrum of integration (on-premises, hybrid, public cloud)
  • Microservices architecture
  • TIBCO integration and microservices patterns
  • The role of API management
  • Technical demo

Should you need further information or assistance, please contact us at apjmarketing@tibco.com.