Master Data Management:

Best Practices to Maximize Value from Your SAP Deployment

TIBCO & Apgar_ Best Practices to Maximize Value From Your SAP Deployment

Ensuring you have trusted and consistent data across both SAP and non-SAP systems is critical to support business processes, applications, and insights. Adopting master data management (MDM) can help ensure the integrity of your business processes. However, launching and managing an MDM initiative can be demanding and complex.

Join Apgar and TIBCO to learn about how different MDM approaches can be used and combined to achieve maximum value from your SAP deployment.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The benefits of adopting an MDM strategy
  • The four MDM patterns
  • Which pattern(s) can streamline your SAP S/4HANA project
  • How each pattern can address different business needs using real-world examples