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Leverage the Power of Digital Twinning

Fueled by the convergence of IoT, machine learning, and big data technology, digital twins show the full impact of design changes, usage scenarios, and other endless variables encountered in design and planning processes. These capabilities make digital twins the key to achieving efficient operations with high product yields.

But how can a manufacturer leverage the power of digital twins, and what results can they expect?

Join us to learn how top manufacturers unleashed the power of analytics and a connected Intelligence platform for a digital twinning solution.

In this session, featuring Mike Alperin, manufacturing industry consultant, TIBCO Software, you will learn:

  • How to produce actionable insights and optimize manufacturing processes through intelligent visualizations
  • What digital twins look like
  • What capabilities are required for a successful digital twin
  • How manufacturers are building digital twins to achieve the level of agility needed to succeed in an increasingly connected world
Leverage the Power of Digital twinning
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