Learn how Leading Netherlands-based Bank, ABN AMRO, digitized More Than 150 Processes Within Two Years


Can your financial institution digitize its processes swiftly so it can meet customer demands to conduct business easily and quickly, on any device, anytime? Or is it, like many financial organizations, caught in a traditional time- and resource-intensive approach that takes months to years to digitize even one process?

If you’re looking for a better, easier, and faster way to digitize your financial institutions’ processes, you’ve found it. A leading Netherlands-based bank—ABN AMRO—trailblazed an innovative solution to achieve its goal of digitizing 150-plus processes within two years, and it shares its story in this on-demand webinar.

Listen as Eric Van Dongen, product owner at ABN AMRO—whose expertise encompasses operations and business process management—describes the strategy and steps the bank took to digitize processes in a matter of days or weeks, including:

  • How the bank empowered process engineers—who typically don’t have IT knowledge—to configure business processes themselves
  • The technology the bank used, which includes TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM, TIBCO BusinessWorks™, and TIBCO Spotfire®, along with an internally created tool that links to all the bank’s applications
  • A demo that shows a real-world example of how a process engineer built a process in less than five minutes ABM AMRO’s noteworthy results are within your financial institution’s reach, too. Listen to the webinar to start speeding your financial institution’s path to digitizing its processes.