Kafka, Events, and the Future of Application Development

Redmonk_The Future of Application Development.mp4

The state of digital business is rapidly changing. Customer engagement is moving from weekly emails to sub-second sense and response. The next wave of digital leaders will be those that use new technologies, like Kafka event-stream messaging and microservices, to deliver real-time customer experiences.

Now, developers are using this new event-driven tooling to develop apps and enterprise architecture in an entirely new way. Event-driven architectures can be challenging to adopt, but open source technology and event-driven APIs are now making it all easier and more potent.

Join us for a 30-minute on-demand webinar, where we hear from Stephen O'Grady, principal analyst and co-founder of RedMonk, and Derek Birdsong, TIBCO Senior Product Marketing Manager, on how Kafka and the cloud have profoundly changed the face of customer engagement, application development, and enterprise architecture.