IoT Lifecycle Management

Innovation with TIBCO Connected Intelligence for Managing IoT Devices

IoT Lifecycle Management

TIBCO believes that a strong community is now more important than ever. So please view this session to learn more about how TIBCO, through the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Platform and TIBCO LABS, can help you successfully manage IoT product lifecycles from commissioning to end of life.

The number of IoT devices deployed globally continues to increase, as does the complexity and variety of devices used. Managing large environments with hundreds of types of devices can be challenging, and TIBCO can help you do this more efficiently with the Platform in combination with Project AIR™ software from TIBCO LABS™.

Want to learn how to deploy end-to-end IoT solutions using TIBCO’s technology?

  • Looking to efficiently manage IoT device lifecycles?
  • Interested in using data science and case management to implement predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and similar capabilities in your IoT ecosystem? 
  • IoT can be a complex universe, so join us to learn how to make it easier!