Introducing TIBCO EBX® software

Businesses, and business innovation, thrive when high-quality shared data assetsmaster data, reference data, business glossaries, and metadata— fuel mission-critical operations and analytical processes.

While these data assets are intrinsically linked, all too often they are managed independently with separate solutions, leading to higher cost, lower agility, and inconsistencies that put you at risk.

The TIBCO EBX® software solution, formerly Orchestra Networks EBX, is our unified approach to addressing your data management needs.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn how EBX® software helps you avoid data silos with an all-in-one approach  

  • Hear use cases about TIBCO customers who’ve taken this approach

  • See a live demo of EBX software

TIBCO EBX Overview

Success with TIBCO:


Conceived and launched Panera Grocery


data, automatically available

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