TIBCO Webinar: Improved operational efficiency with real-time data and decision automation

Melhor eficiência operacional com dados em tempo real e automação de decisões

TIBCO invites you to participate in the webinar “Better operational efficiency with real-time data and decision automation”.

The race for industrial transformation has accelerated the convergence of digital, physical and biological processes and technologies - applications that go beyond the industrial segment. All segments are interested in expanding their business through the Internet of Things and Edge Computing, to provide new experiences for customers and sources of revenue. There is great potential in the use of this information, we just need to take advantage of it. But there are also challenges to be overcome:

  • Instrumentation has evolved considerably in recent years. There are devices with numerous sensors. The wearable device industry has become popular and smartphones offer cutting-edge technology in every corner of the planet, but data extraction and collection have not yet reached their full potential. Within this context, most equipment is an isolated data plant. This is where one of the TIBCO Cloud Integration solutions stands out, TIBCO Flogo. The result of an open-source initiative by TIBCO, it is able to extract and send data in real-time to other systems.


  • Organizations that are able to extract information from their sensors still do so for monitoring or detecting anomalies. And, most of the time, this data is not used for optimization or prediction, such as, for example, preventive maintenance, consumer preferences, and data correlation. In other words, this later analysis in real-time has great added value, and TIBCO has Streaming Analytics and Data Science solutions to meet these demands.


  • In order to offer new services to their consumers, as well as to identify opportunities and sources of revenue, companies must understand that this cycle needs to be complete: instrumentation, connectivity, real-time extraction and data analysis for decision making. decisions. It is evident that these application scenarios go beyond the industrial field. There are numerous applications in various sectors of the economy, such as retail, finance, health, manufacturing, energy, mining and oil, among others. Therefore, the architecture of TIBCO's solutions brings a unique competitive advantage to any industry.