Hyperconverged Analytics: Accelerating Innovation with Data

Hyperconverged Analytics: Accelerating Innovation with Data-JPN

Over the past several years, rapid growth in the amount, complexity, and variety of data spurred massive digital transformations. Many organizations jumped on innovative data-centric strategies to delight their customers, streamline their operations, or in some cases, reinvent themselves. But too often, the innovation of the present was no match for the momentum of the past. Sustaining innovation may be more challenging than the initial sparks of brilliance that spurred the digital revolution.

Sustainable Innovation poses a critical question: How do we maintain the pace of ideas, collaboration, and market impact, as technology accelerates?

But sustainability is not limited to commercial innovation. The challenges of sustainability that impact our society, environment, health, and happiness also rely upon an innovative use of data-centric tools, techniques, and critical thinking.

This webinar is about building and sustaining momentum -- ideating the next transformative breakthrough or identifying solutions through data to address our most pressing societal challenges.